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Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by.

I just finished my first short film "The Mousse Cake ("Mousskakan") as a director/writer/actor. Due to the current festival circuit restrictions we decided to release our film on youtube.  It is a romantic comedy about love and awkward situations. There is something piercingly comical to be found in awkward moments - that I find hard to resist.


I'm also happy to announce that I finished the third draft of my first feature film; a suspense thriller set in the deep South. I am currently showing it to a couple of producers and I'm hoping that Matthew McConaughey will direct it. 

Two of my latest television roles are currently airing on The ID Network. The episodes are called "Gone Girls" and "Poker Faced Killers." Not for the faint at heart.

In September, 2020, I am scheduled to shoot a feature film in Los Angeles, among other things. Can't wait!

I keep working every day on my craft and I attend an actor/writer workshop every week held by Bobby Moresco which is beyond inspiring.  

Stay tuned for more!


Love always,

Ylva "CeCe" Waern

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